celestia.io Changelog
Date releasedClientAPIServer
11 February 20171.
Initial release
12 February 20171.0.1
  • Show "Connecting …" if game server has not been connected yet when Enter key is pressed.
  • Improvements to interpolator to make it more resilient to server lag.
13 February 20171.0.1
  • Red stars now turn into food stars when they collide with other projectiles head-on.
  • Player slows down momentarily when eating food.
22 February 20171.
  • There is now a green arrow which points to the current leader.
  • You are now informed when the leader changes or is killed via a notification at the top of the screen.
23 February 20171.1.1
  • Prevent names from being too long.
  • Stability fixes. (celestia.io went down for a few hours on Feb 22 around 1700 hrs UTC. Hopefully it's fixed.)
7 March 20171.1.2
  • Bots have now realised that they can boost.
  • Cranked up the movement speed.
11 March 20171.1.3
  • Reduced boost speed slightly.
20 March 20171.1.4
  • Track global highscores on server in preparation for a client update.
22 March 20171.1.1
  • Save all game scores locally.
  • View highscores for the past day, week and month, as well as all your past game scores, by clicking on the leaderboard icon.
  • Loading icon on main page when client has not yet connected to game server.
2 April 20171.1.2
  • Fixed a bug where the leaderboard button on the main page was still clickable, though invisible, while the game is running.
11 April 20171.
  • Improved spawn animation and food appearing animation.
  • Send information for the spawn animation.
12 April 20171.1.6
  • Fixed a bug where no existing food were displayed when starting the game.
24 April 20171.
  • Players can now change their color. (Certain ranges of colors are not allowed as they are too similar to the food or projectile colors, or they are too dark.)
5 May 20171.2.1
  • Server selection interface on the main page.
24 June 20171.2.2
  • Health and mass are now displayed numerically while playing.